02breed cat with teeth carnivore what truth?

picture of a cat that is stalking its prey. with its carnivorous teeth

02breed cat with teeth carnivore what truth? Many people ask themselves this question.despite some misconceptions that sometimes surround this subject science has put an end to these outdated thoughts

02breed cat with teeth carnivore what truth?

02breed cat with teeth carnivore:either a stray cat or home cat. cats are carnivores .Cats’ teeth are impressive , and sharp and are designed to catch, tear, and cut large pieces of meat (Feldhamer, G.A. 1999. Mammology: Adaptation, Diversity, and Ecology. McGraw-Hill. pg 258.). They are not equipped with large, flat molars for grinding plant material. The teeth are highly specialized, and structured according to the animal’s diet carnivore.

cats teeth carnivore

The teeth carnivores are highly specialized, This explains why plants come out the same way they went in; they have not had time to be digested. Dogs, ferrets and cats have strong jaw and neck muscles that allow them to catch prey, and chew meat, bone and skin. The wide opening of their jaws allows them to swallow large pieces of meat and bone.

breed cat with teeth carnivore : which food?

People who understand the nature of cats, and their needs claim that vegetables, and grains must be pureed so that the animal can get the nutrients from them. But even so, feeding vegetables and grains to a carnivorous animal is a practice that deserves to be debated. Carnivores also lack the friendly bacteria that can break down starch and, cellulose chains for them.This is why pet food manufacturers must add large amounts of vitamins and minerals to their products

Carnivores not only carnivores

Despite some characteristics shared by all members of the Carnivor family, there are differences between pets, including cats, and other carnivor species that live in forests and jungles, due to genetic mutations. This process influences the personality of the animal and leads it to want to create links with human beings. Following research carried out by a team of American researchers, there is an equivalence of the WBS (human cromosome) in chromosome 6 of the canine genome, responsible for the creation of the need to make links with human beings.

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