03 things important about animal compagnion veterinary

picture of Scottish cat transported

03 things important before animal compagnion veterinary , because the visit of the veterinarian is a fascinating experience for many reasons

03 things important need animal compagnion veterinary:

1- the right tool for compagnion veterinary and the necessary training to prevent our cat from being scared

to have a transport cage well seated so that our small ball is comfortable, knowing that there are various sizes of cages which adapt to the age of the animal and its size.

to put a pet in a cage, which is a strange thing for him, can lead to a crush with him, which can make the experience bad for him, and for his owner at the same time. Therefore, to avoid all this, it is necessary to accustom our feline to frequent his cage before the vesting, four days… up to a week, for example, to put the cage in front of our cat, by opening the door and to let him dicover all by himself this strange corpse, and even to play in it, so that everything will be easy afterwards.

2-transporting your cat may be an issue when compagnion veterinary:

As a general rule, it is advisable to bend down to grab a cat from above, as a face-to-face confrontation may cause the cat to become uncooperative and aggressive.

Cooperative cats can be handled by placing a hand around the cat, under the chest, and grasping the cat’s paws.
Catching our cat by snuggling may be necessary, supporting the cat’s hind legs and holding its chin with your other hand.
The fearful cat, on the other hand, needs more attention and skill to avoid any bad experiences, so we need to reach down and grab the cat by the scruff of the neck, securing its hind legs with our hand, just as their mother did when they were a kitten. Older cats may not be as cooperative, so support the cat’s hind legs and body with the other hand.


how do you solve the problem of transporting your cat Uncooperative ?

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