04 feline mysteries cat that make you happy

picture of cat and his master change hugs in front of the window : 04 mysters in feline cats that make you happy

feline mysteries cat that make you happy are many. there is a growing body of research indicating a positive relationship between felins pet ownership and human health

04 mysterious effects that feline cats have on our health

1-cat’s pur

the feline mysteries of cats that make you happy , are the reason why you should adopt a feline cat, that cat’s purr would have real therapeutic powers , They have the power to reduce blood pressure, and calm tensions, thanks to vibrations of 25 to 50 hertz, frequencies similar to those used in physiotherapy, or sports medicine. They can even help us fight Jejtlag! For Jean-Yves Gauchet, a veterinarian in Toulouse who claims in France the paternity of the « purr therapy », the purr of the feline « soothes and acts as a medicine without side effects ».

2-Looking at cat Promotes Concentration and productivity

Adopting a cut cat helps to motivate to accomplish tasks, and work with more energy .The study entitled « The Power of Kawaii: Looking at Cute Images Promotes Concentration and Enhances Visual Attention » conducted by Hiroshima University concludes, that showing employees images of cute animals (babies if possible) boosts their productivity.Thus the cat seems to be the muse of many artists; actors, authors, painters or musicians…

3-felines mysteries develops our self-confidence

Petting a cat helps to relax, but also to gain self-confidence. In 2012, a study conducted on autistic children showed that they open up more in the presence of an animal. The explanation: the cat’s purr produces oxytocin, a hormone that develops self-confidence and emotional attachment.

4-Cats bebies like to cuddle and show their affection, that make us happy

picture of a woman enjoying her cat to benifit its mysteries and feel happy
the woman enjoying her cat to benifit its mysteries and feel happy

Cats are also capable of showing signs of attachment. According to some animal behaviourists, the ultimate sign of affection for a cat is the wink, and it is also a sign of trust.

When you wink, your cat interprets the action as it would with a fellow cat, And your cat responds as it would to a fellow human being, it has understood your message, it says okay, I’m a friend too, but of course in its own way, either it purrs with its eyes squinted or closed, or it crawls onto your lap and squeezes your thighs

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