04 most strange breed of cats without tails:

picture of a little cat without tail .one of 04 most strange breed of cats without tails

04 strange breed of cats without tails,or with a short tail, raises questions about the origin of these breeds and if they are really natural ,or there is a genetic problem behind this physiology.

04 most strange breed of cats without tails:

The Japanese Bobtail

the American Bobtail

the Kuril Bobtail

the Mekong Bobtail

what a strange thing in breed cats in without tails!

breed strange of cats without tails , they are cats that are naturally born without the vertebrae ,that form the tail, due to the inbreeding that causes this genetic mutation , they are breeds that come from different parts of the world, but the fact that they were born without tails ,has allowed them to develop their physiology to be well-muscled and have a good figure.

is it a physical malformation or natural species cats without tails?

Researchers from Peking University, have shown , that the fact that some breed strange feline cats have short tails or no tails ,at all comes from a spontaneous genetic mutation. it is not necessary for both parents ,to have short tails for their offspring.

Other studies go further ,and conclude that it is inbreeding that is at the origin of this genetic mutation. This explains why a certain number of cats with short tails are native to islands or peninsulas: their reduced population would have led to a greater inbreeding ,and would have increased the chances of the appearance of this genetic mutation.

strange and sweet are tow qualités of cats without tails

the fact of being deprived of it, does not prevent the cat from interacting with its entourage, which means that it is not really handicapping for the animal feline in everyday life.

This can be embarrassing for cats who lose their tail during their life, and must therefore learn to live without it, but for our lovely little balls who are without it from birth ,and grow up this way, the consequences are generally minimal, this is the case of “Manx” who is originally from the British Isle of Man, with his very muscular and round body.be added to the sweet and cut behavior

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