05 tips control hairballs in your cat for good health

picture of a cat licking its paw. but there are tips to control hairballs in your cat for good health

05 tips to control your cat’s hairballs and keeping her healthy.. Because cats groom themselves so thoroughly, they ingest a fair amount of hair—along with anything that has settled on the surface of their coat. Hairballs in cats, also called trichobezoars, are the bane of many owners’ existence.

how to control hairballs in your cat to keep it healthy all the time?

1-the control of your cat’s hairballs need to know symptoms

Hairballs in cats can disappear easily and naturally, because most of the time the cat passes the hair in the stool or vomits it. But sometimes hair can accumulate in the stomach or intestines and, in rare cases, can even cause an obstruction. This requires attention when the cat has any of the following symptoms: A cat preparing to expel a hairball will make a coughing, gagging sound, similar to a cough. If your cat does this frequently and no hairball appears, the cough may have a more serious medical cause.

2-Using the deworming to keep your cat healthy

Use deworming which is practical, natural and easy. Cats like to chew grass, and look for it by nature in the gardens, or elsewhere because it relieves their estomat and removes the hair accumulated in front.

3-grooming your cat and bruch it often

Regularly groom your cat so she does not have to swallow so much hair. and The best way to prevent hairballs is to brush the cat more often, especially at shedding time (which, for indoor cats, may be year-round).or using other tools that can make you happy.

4-using Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements have also been used to control hairballs. They generally fall into two categories: lubricants that help the hair slide down the digestive tract, and fibers that help the hair grow. Petroleum-based laxatives lubricate the hair and make it slide down the digestive tract. They are often flavored and can be put on the cat’s paws to encourage licking. If the taste is appetizing enough, the cat can lick it off your fingers. If not, you can put it in the cat’s mouth.

5-home remedy for hairballs

A safe and effective home remedy for hairballs is white petroleum jelly. Use about half a teaspoon. The jelly melts in the stomach and lubricates the hairball for easier passage. Use once or twice a week. Mineral oil is also effective. Add it to the cat’s food once or twice a week at a rate of one teaspoon (5 ml) per 2.3 kg (5 pounds) of body weight.

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