08 signs urinary blockage cats : how to prevent it?

picture of a cute cat that sits looking up. our cats deserve attention to their health and know the signs of urinary blockage in them and how to prevent it?

knowing the 08 signs urinary blockage cats and how to prevent it,is the solution to protect my cat from feeling pain, and toavoid the worst, if the disease persists …

cats with urinary blockage

urinary blockage cats,when the cat regularly gets in position to urinate ,but can’t eliminate its urine. many people are not aware of this painful pathology for our cats, especially if they are spayed, or neutered, so knowledge in this area is necessary to react in time.

08 most signs of a blocked cat:

  1. a frequent urge to urinate.
  2. Painful urination.
  3. the presence of blood in the urine
  4. Frequent meowing.
  5. Vomiting.
  6. Urine with a strong odor.
  7. Excessive licking around the penis or vulva.
  8. Decreased appetite.

urinary blockage cats:the most causes

Male felins are highly predisposed to urinary blockage, because their urethra is long and thin. However, studies have shown that the following causes are likely to lead to the condition:
A dry diet while the cat drinks little water, which leads to a build-up of stones in the urethra.
Living in a stressful environment. when they feel threatened, bored or have general anxiety.
Feline obesity

urinary blockage cats: treatment

urinary blockage cats requires immediate veterinary attention, especially if the symptoms are acute and indicate a serious condition.
The cat owner’s medical history and a thorough veterinary examination will lead to a diagnosis of lower urinary tract disease,A blood profile is often recommended for further evaluation and, depending on the situation, one or more of the following therapies may be most appropriate, from analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to antibiotics and urinary tract formulated foods as a complementary or preventative measure, as well as environmental enrichment and stress reduction by providing more play time and eliminating sources of anxiety.

urinary blockage cats : how to prevent it?

Regular physical activity

In order to build up muscle and avoid obesity-related illnesses, cats should be active and have plenty to play and run around with.

deworming: what people don’t know

deworming is a necessary thing to avoid any problem not the urinary blockage but also so many health problem in our feline cats.


A sterilised cat will live longer than a non-sterilised cat, because sterilisation prevents runaways and fights between males.
respect its nature as a hunter cat
The cat is a hunter. It must have the opportunity, at home, to hunt at least toy prey. He will be happier and will live longer.

Careful grooming

The cat’s grooming should not be neglected. It is enough to brush the cat to remove any knots in its coat, as it may be tempted to remove them itself and thus ingest too much hair.

avoid unnecessary stress

Don’t put your cat under unnecessary stress. If, for example, you are going on holiday and don’t need to take your cat with you, leave it at home and ask someone to look after it.

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