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catslovepets is a website dedicated to people who are passionate about cats, providing them all information and advice they need to fully enjoy their existence with them...

cats are my passion

catslovepets is the result of a great experience. i'am a teacher, passionate about adopting cats since i was a child because they inspire me and give me energy to withstand the stress of contemporary lives, and because these living beings deserve our attention, and in order to develop our relationship with them , i have chosen to encourage people who are unaware of many things about pets and the natural abilities they have , that can have a great influence on the lives of human beings and change it for the better. so catslovepets aims to bring a little smile to our visitors each and every day! daily i search for inspirational, fun , touching , and amazing stories. i'am headquartred in morroco and have editors located all over the world bringing you inspiring uplifting and engaging content. if you have enjoyed any of our posts , we invite you to share them with your freinds to brighten their day.

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