adopting a cat, is it really a rescue for him or for us?

picture of my beloved cat bissa on my shoulder when he was a kitten.adopting a cat, is it really a rescue for her or for me?

the question of adopting a cat, is it really a rescue for him or for us, seems a little weird or tricked… life hides shaking incidents and it is here that the presence of the cat in our life reveals the power of this animal full of positive energy, affection, interaction, and joy

adopting a cat, is really a rescue for us not for him

i adopted a cat, to save her life from the dangers of the street… day after day she becames my beloved little …we spend time together playing…and it coincided with the confinement that all governments have applied across the world. because of corona verus. people were forced to stay home for days when they were stressed and bored…for me it was not a confinement.

with my kitten bissa that I adopted…, it became a moment of relaxation and joy without stopping… I was happy, we play together and sometimes the fights.. .she was very fiery and that’s where she saved me from the stress of confinement…the story didn’t end there, because a shocking thing is waiting for me to turn my life upside down….

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picture of the author fatizara and her cat bissa
I love cats and feel very comfortable around them; they inspire me and I want to share my experience with the readers