Are cats realy more attached to places?

picture of a cat being stroked by its master.Are cats realy more attached to places?

many facts, and incidents happen in our daily life with our felines, which can let us to ask the question: are cats realy more attached to places than owner?

Are cats realy more attached to places?

cats are attached to places, does not mean that they prefer them, more than their masters. Cats are territorial animals, because they need this landmark to feel reassured, whatever it is. outside in a garden, a building courtyard… or inside, in the house or apartment…

the reasons why cats are more attached to theirs owners

according to my long experience, acquired of course by frequenting cats, since my childhood, and according to the latest studies carried out in this field, we can say that cats have become more attached to human beings, because they have become more intelligent, and have developed their intelligence with human beings…

cats find their security with their masters, and trust them more than others, but they also love them, and are attached to them, but when it comes to the abundance of their masters, they feel in danger,because they are weak and can do nothing but stay attached to their territory, to feel’s sad

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