Are spiders and scorpions dangerous for cats?

picture of a scorpion .scorpions and spiders are sometimes dangerous for cats

our cats tend to be exposed to insect bites, such as spiders or scorpions, because they are predators, and curious by nature. this requires our attention, so that our cat does not fall victim to a bite, that can cost him his life or at least make him suffer…

My cat can be bitten by insects, spiders or scorpions

spiders and scorpions bites are dangerous for our cats, causes painful swelling at the site of the bite. especially on the face and paws. The swelling may extend to the face and neck, or it may be localized to the site of the bite. If our cat is stung more than once, it may go into shock due to the absorption of toxins.

symptoms caused by insect, spider and scorpion bites

there are different symptoms of spider and scorpion bites, depending on the species, the health of the cat and its immunity.

Black widow, brown recluse and tarantula bites are toxic to our pets, especially our beloved cats. The first sign is a sharp pain at the site of the bite. Subsequently, the cat may become excitable, have chills, fever and labored breathing. Shock and convulsions may occur, with early paralysis due to black widow bites. Most cats will die.

Brown recluse spider bites cause two syndromes. The first is a cutaneous form with a localized blister and pain. Eventually, a bullseye lesion may be noted. Within a week or two, the affected skin dies and ulcerates, leaving a wound that may take months to heal.
The second form, visceral, is accompanied by fever, painful joints and possibly vomiting and convulsions. Cats may develop blood disorders and kidney failure. This form is much rarer and is often fatal.

Treating spiders and scorpions bits

Before treating spider and scorpion bites in our cats, we need to identify the insect or animal, if possible. Then to remove the sting embedded in the skin with tweezers, or scrape it.
Then prepare a paste of baking soda, and apply it to the sting. And after ice packs to relieve swelling and pain. Not to mention cover the area with a loose bandage so that the cat does not lick the medicine.

If the cat exhibits signs of generalized toxicity or anaphylaxis (restlessness, agitation, face scratching, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, collapse, or seizures), transport him immediately to the nearest veterinary facility.

If your cat is known to have reactions to bee stings, ask your veterinarian about keeping an EpiPen kit available and what dose to use for your cat. The EpiPen kits are special prepackaged kits of injectable epinephrine for counteracting anaphylactic shock. Epinephrine has a short expiration date, so check frequently to be sure your kit is not outdated.

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