cat behavioral problems : every things you need to detecte

picture of two cats that are starting a is a Cat behavior problems that you need to know to detect

cats are very sensitive to everything that happens around them, which requires attention and security to avoid behavioral problems or detecte any anxiety…

fighting : cat behaviour probleme detected in our felin

Fighting behavior in cats is due to a limited ability to communicate in our felines, who have difficulty resolving conflicts. Felines innately feel threatened by those who are not part of their social group. Therefore, when cats cannot easily avoid other cats, such as when they must share a cat flap, they may fight.

how to manage the figth behaviour probleme?

fight in the house can be avoided by providing each cat, or social group of cats ,with necessary resources in separate areas where they will not meet. If your cat fights with neighboring cats, talk to the other owners about sharing time so that your cats go out at different times and never meet. Also, set up a shelter in your yard for your cat to hide in.

Scratching :Unacceptable cat behavior

Cats will scratch objects especially if they are tall, sturdy and vertical in texture – and, unfortunately, your couch may meet these criteria. But what’s impressive about this behavior is that our feline uses Scratching behaviour for three main reasons: the first is to get more attention from you,

which means your cat is asking you for something, and you need to respond right away. the second is to maintain good claw condition; but If your cat felin scratches in areas of potential conflict with other cats, such as doors and windows, it is likely that he leaves marks for communication reasons, because he does not feel safe in that place.

clawing behavior in your cat: how to correct?

To discourage a cat from scratching, cover the damaged surface with a thick plastic sheet and place a scratching post next to it. Put tasty treats on the post and fuss with your cat when he uses it. Once your cat is using the post regularly, gradually move it to a more convenient location.

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