cat losing hair may have one of these problems

picture of a cat that scratching its neck ,cat losing hair may have a health problem

cat losing hair may have a health problems.Hair loss in our pets is a problem that is annoying if not controlled in real time. When a cat scratches or licks itself excessively, its hair falls out constantly and too much, this is not a good sign. Don’t worry, it’s not something serious, but it does require your attention and some measures to keep your cat out of danger.

1-cat feline is losing hair: unaccustomed attitudes

Cats may exhibit unusual behaviour that shows they are disturbed and uncomfortable, such as frequent scratching on the floor, eccentric licking, constant and excessive shedding, etc. This means there is a problem, whether it is parasites, allergies or behavioural problems, and it is necessary to look at the coat to see if there are parasites or other signs that are difficult to determine. In the latter case, a visit to the vet is recommended to see what the problem is.

2-Causes of hair loss in cats


when the cat licks and scratches itself frantically, it may be carrying parasites. Fleas are difficult to eradicate and can cause severe allergic reactions. Your cat may have been bitten by horse flies. Ear scabies cause severe localized itching.


Itching can be caused by various allergies. It can be allergic dermatitis due to flea bites, which manifest as red patches that can become infected. A single flea bite can be enough. Your cat may also suffer from atopy, i.e. a predisposition to allergies to dust mites, pollens, etc. Food allergy can also cause your cat to scratch excessively.

Behavioural problems

Occasional stress, such as a visit to the vet, or hypersensitivity to external factors such as unexpected noises or a lack of adaptation in the environment or a lack of affection can manifest this anxiety by scratching. These behavioural problems make the cat anxious and it marks its anxiety by scratching more and more.

Cat acne

Just like humans, cats can get acne when blackheads accumulate and lift the hair bulb. This is usually located under the chin and lips but can become more invasive if the cat scratches a lot. Antibiotic or antifungal treatment is then necessary.

3prevent hair loss in cats

a healthy and balanced diet.

Maintaining our cat’s coat is essential for good health. A healthy coat depends first and foremost on a healthy and balanced diet. It should be sufficiently rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A, which are the main agents of coat beauty.

Regular brushing

Regular brushing (at least once a week) helps prevent tangles from forming. Choosing a quality diet will provide all the necessary nutrients, including essential fatty acids, to keep your cat’s coat dense, shiny and soft.

regular treatment with an anti-parasite

regular treatment with an anti-parasite product. There are products (available from your vet) that protect cats for three months. Diatomaceous earth is a natural anti-parasite, a bath with a specific shampoo can be a solution. And don’t forget deworming.

cat losing hair may be caused by relationship with other pets outside

picture of two cats greet each other by the nose. cat losing hair may be caused by relationship with other pets outside
two cats greet each other by the nose that’s may transmit parasits

as our cats can develop good relationships with other cats outside which is good for their mental stimulation, they can also be a target for the transmission of fleas, transmissible diseases … this should not worry us because if we have love towards these animals we can make gestures without counting the cost, (to look after them for example if it is possible) without forgetting to give a bath to my small ball of hair.

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