cats like to be petted make us well-being

picture of a cat that lies down while its master caresses it because cats like to be petted

cats like to be petted make us well-being . to pass the hand on the forehead of my beloved cat is a mysterious moment for both of us, because it brings us a precious well being

why cats like to be petted and how make us well-being?

Cats love to be petted. Petting is an important moment for your feline especially for cats who are known for their unconditional love of petting and scratching.They need to feel that you love them and that you only want them to be happy. But the mystery behind this behavior is very impressive because petting my cat gives me a feeling of well being,distress.which deserves a knowledge of the language of our cat

when cats like to be petted?

Regularly groom your cat so she does not have to swallow so much hair. and The best way to prevent hairballs is to brush the cat more often, especially at shedding time (which, for indoor cats, may be year-round).or using other tools that can make you happy.

There are several signals that show that our cat is willing to be stroked, such as the tail raised and moving slightly, the ears erect, the sure and confident gait, this is the right time to give our hairball moments of relaxation and affection.

how petting your baby feline ?

each cat has its own preferences in terms of caresses. this one must begin with the head is the place that most of our feline friends love, it can remind them of memories of their mother who conscientiously licked their face when they were kittens. The back, but not the tail ! Cats often appreciate being stroked on their back. But be careful, always in the direction of the hair! The caresses must be soft, slow and slightly posed on the body of the cat.

Where do cats like to be petted the most?

If you pat your cat’s buttocks, you may have noticed that he particularly enjoys it. This attitude means that your cat feels good around you and wants you to know it. There is nothing sexual about it, don’t worry.

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