Cats like to play with strings: surprising secret !

picture of cat playing with a string because Cats Like To Play With Strings

if your cat likes to play with strings, here is the Surprising Secret To This Behavior That Many Owners Are Unaware Of

Why do Cats like to play with strings? surprising secret !

Ever wondered why your feline friend takes such delight in the humble length of string? What could it possibly be about a seemingly simple piece of twine, that makes it so appealing? here are som reasons for which your Cat like to play with strings

two reasons why cats like strings

1-Cats like to play with strings, because they have a vision system, that is keyed to motion. Nothing is better designed to catch a kitty’s eye, that something that twists and turns, and offers motion all along its length. Making a string shiny simply multiplies the interest embedded along its length.

2-cats are attracted intensely by strings, because they are driven by their instincts, to either kill or discourage snakes from hunting in their territory. Snakes would eat up the available prey. Snakes would endanger the cat who hunts such prey.

So if we have a cat who won’t get out from behind the stereo or computer equipment, this is a cat who is begging to have a snake substitute made available to them.

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