cats love pets breed adopt felins dog and birds…

picture of a cat and a dog being met by their owners. they looked happy because cats love pets

Cats love pets breed because they has a propensity to adapt to other animals, that’s why cats love pets. whether of its own species or of another, which is good for stimulating their minds and therefore increasing their life span.

cats like pets breed :the secret trick that many people disregard to adopte felins – dog- birds…

– cats accept others species pets breed, dogs, birds etc, . It is important that he be confronted with it from a young age. The period of socialization with other species, also called interspecific socialization, is very short: from 2 weeks of life, and up to 2 months.

It is therefore necessary to act quickly, and well! After two months, the cat’s brain can no longer « welcome » a new species, because spontaneously, it is afraid of it! In other words, once this period is over, it will be a little difficult for our cat to have harmonious relationships with dogs, farm animals, rabbits… or with humans

1-what you should do every day when you adopt pets breed felin ?

– For interspecific socialization to take place, the kitten must be in daily contact with the species in question. The interaction must always take place in a pleasant and positive context for him: games, caresses, soft manipulations, … The contacts must be prolonged, from 20 to 40 minutes per day. The more varied they are, the more effective they are: several people, several animals of different species…

The perfect environment for your feline and canine!

picture of cats in their room with wall shelves. cats can live in groups because they are sociable and love pets
four cats of different colors in their room equipped with trees and some toys is their favorite space
  1. Provide as much height as possible in the house for the cat (in all rooms) ,so that it can run away from the dog at all times;
  2. Ensure that these heights are not accessible to the dog.
  3. Favour cat trees of good height (1.5 – 2 meters) so that there are small shelves where the dog should not be able to climb.
  4. Put the cat’s food and water on a high piece of furniture where the dog will never have access, creating a feeling of security for the cat ,that will not be disturbed. This area could be the kitchen counter for example.
  5. Do the same for places where the cat will rest: provide a place where the dog will not be able to go up, and put a kitty bed, a blanket or a cushion, allowing your purring friend to rest, and sleep without being afraid of being surprised by Pitou .

2-Cats love pets breed of birds…because of their personnality

picture of a cat in front of a chicken with a toy in the middle. cats love pets birds
the cat and the chicken looked freinds

Cats love pets breed of birds, because they are by nature an animal that does not lack intelligence, which makes them a bit demanding in terms of their needs, because they like to be pampered, and always have new tricks to avoid boredom and have fun. Among these tricks another pet whether it is a dog, another cat or a bird … but this can be easy if you adopt the different species when they are young

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