cats rescue : the most common signs of worms felins

picture of a cat lying down, cats rescue : the most common signs of worms felins

cats rescue : the most common signs of worms felins.these Intestinal parasites are important problems, that your cat may encounter throughout its life. worms in cats are a recurring health problem, especially in young cats. Cats often become infected by contact with worm eggs in their environment or by playing, fighting or mating with an infested cat.

1- the most common signs of worms felins
2- worms in cats: the most serious cases
3-Types of worms in cats
4-Treating a cat with worms: feline dewormers
5-My cat has worms, is it dangerous for me?

1- the most common signs of worms felins rescued are:

Intestinal worms are internal parasites of the cat, and are therefore difficult to detect. Stray cats and non-wormed domestic cats are the main victims of these worms, kittens and pregnant cats are more susceptible to worm infestation.The main symptoms of worm infestation in cats are:
-Hard and swollen belly.
-vomiting and worm vomiting. especially after deworming.
-lack of appetite and general decrease in activity.
-Worms are visible in your pet’s stool.

2- worms in cats: the most serious cases

Anemia: In case of heavy infestation, our cat may end up suffering from anemia, which leads to pale mucous membranes, stunted growth and malnutrition.
-Eye worms: To a lesser extent, there are also eye worms, such as Thelazia, which cause watering and inflammation of the eyes.
-Gastrointestinal obstruction: The worms can roll up on themselves, causing gastrointestinal obstruction.
-Lung and heart worms: there are worms that attack the lungs as well as the heart, causing breathing problems but also suffering from what is called sudden death.

3-Types of worms in cats

There are many different types of worms in cats, but the most common are:
-Intestinal worms: these are round worms, such as Toxocara cati or Toxascaris leonina, these worms are harmful to the health of kittens because they feed directly into the kitten.
-Lungworms: the most frequent are the strongyles, which are even larger than the previous ones
-Heartworms: such as Dirofilaria immitis, which causes filariasis
-Eye worms: such as Thelazia

4-Treating a cat with worms: feline dewormers

Fortunately, there are several treatments available to rid your cat of worms, but prevention is the most effective and easiest way.
You can deworm your cat internally using tablets, syrups and pipettes. Deworming your cat is the best way to control worms and other parasites. The natural deworming is a preventive tool, so you shouldn’t wait for worms to appear before treating your pet. It is important to protect your pet from all intestinal parasites.

5-My cat has worms, is it dangerous for me?

Flat or coated, cat worms can be transmitted to humans, causing serious illnesses if one is not vigilant. Worming is always necessary, as recommended by the veterinarian, in order to drive out all worms, and good hygiene is essential to avoid contamination. This means washing your hands after handling or petting your infected pet. Children should be taught this common sense measure, as they are not always aware of the danger of cat worms.You should also remember to treat your cat against fleas with an antiparasitic. This is because the worm is transmitted by fleas.
Be careful, you don’t treat a cat with the same product as a dog. Your veterinarian will advise you which product is easiest to administer or apply to your cat

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