cats scared of cucumbers :how to make this fun?

picture of cucumber. cats are scared of cucumbers , how to make this fun?

Cats scared of everything that is strange to him like cucumbers,so to make this fun , you just have to avoid some bad attitudes and apply some simple and cute sitting tricks…let’s see how to make it happen?

why cats scared of cucumbers and how to make this fun ?

cats scared of cucumbers ? to make this fun we must know that the cat is attentive to everything it sees the first time, not only the cucumber, but everything that is strange to him, that’s why we should never present objects in a surprising way.

To make the experience with the cucumber positive, it is enough to put the cucumber in front of our feline and he will discover it by himself, using his sense of smell, looking at it, turning it and without panicking afterwards

Cats scared of cucumbers: why we must avoid this experience?

Cats can be prey to many other animals. By nature, felines do not like to be surprised by things. That’s why they have a sensitive sense of hearing, smell and sight( how to understand pet animal behavior felins ?.)

This applies to the cucumber, because it looks like a snake, which makes them frightened, but it depends on the behavior of the owner, which means that if we present this vegetable in a surprising way in order to frighten our feline, it will be a bad idea, because it will cause them panic and it is not advisable

04 other things that scare cats the most

  1. water is something that most cats hate.
  2. Feeling restrained because cats are very independent animals.
  3. strong odors.Cats are as sensitive to odors as dogs.
  4. foreign objects or humans, especially in cats that have a strong character.
  5. Loud noises can cause stress and anxiety to our felines as they are characterized by highly developed senses.

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