feline and covid transmission what truth ?

picture of a guy holding his cat in his arms while wearing his protective mask.feline and covid transmission what truth ?

feline and covid transmission what truth ? is a question that has been asked by cat owners since the appearance of the virus, which has led researchers to conduct extensive research to provide accurate answers.

feline and covid transmission what truth ?

Several studies have shown that animals can be infected with the covidian variant. According to their results, several animals have developed antibodies, to fight the coronavirus infection. Rare cases of human-animal transmission have also been observed in other works.This has been proven by French and American researchers at the University of Minnesota (USA).

why feline cats don’t transmit the virus

No evidence of cat-to-human transmission according to the latest studies . but the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can not only be transmitted to a domestic cat , but also infect it , and especially make it contaminate other cats.

why cats can get covid more than other animals such as dogs?

two answers for this question: -the first one is scientific, it supposes that the genetic sequence of the cats is in cause. Indeed, they would have on the surface of their cells the ACE2 protein , which would be particularly receptive of the coronavirus, just as it is the case in humans. -The second answer is more logical than scientific, maybe it is simply because we cuddle cats more than dogs.

how to prevent the contamination of our felines cat?

the necessary precautions to take, in order to prevent the contamination of our felines ,to keep us all safe from any danger, is to limit their movement outside ,and especially prevent them from frequenting other animals ,especially when they are stray, because they can go anywhere, or touch anything ,since their immune system is stronger than that of a house cat … so it is better to be careful.

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