how cats home can see in the dark?

picture of tabby cat eyes in the dark.all cats home can see in the dark.

how cats home can see in the dark? we ask ourselves the question , when they behave very normally in the dark, looking for insects ,or following a fly in the corners of the house with all precesion, or even go into the garden at night to look for preys…

cats home can see in the dark thanks to their very powerful binocular vision:

cats can see in the dark, because they have no difficulty to find themself in the dark ,in addition to being affective and full of mysteres, felins have a very very powerful binocular vision, which helps them to seize easily their preys.

Cats have tens of millions of rods more than the human eye, which allows them to better capture the night light. Moreover, the shape of their eyes, more open, is also a serious advantage to find their way in the dark by absorbing more light,thanks to a reflective layer at the bottom of the eye, which reflects the light that enters the eye. It is particularly this layer that gives the impression that their eyes shine in the night.

why cats prefer the night time and like to go out in the dark?

Cats are not really nocturnal animals. They are just particularly numerous to like to go out of their home after dark. These behaviors allow them to satisfy certain natural needs such as hunting or mating.As in the evening, its preys, like rodents, start to come out, the moment is particularly favourable for him.In addition to its hunting activities, the cat also prefers to mate at night. During this time, it is quiet and undisturbed by surrounding noises. Felines also prefer to mate away from prying eyes and do not like to be observed.

are cats are very agitated at night ?

most solutions to limit the agitation in the dark.

For example, he starts to chew his master who is asleep ,or to scratch his hands. It also happens that he drops objects, meows very loudly, makes his claws and many other things not easy to live for the owners. The objective of this behavior is to make his owner get up and react or play with him. Be careful, in these moments, it is preferable to ignore him rather than to answer his agitations.

This will gradually help him to understand that he should not behave like this. But on the other hand it is essential to keep him busy during the day, having a companion allows you to satisfy his need for activities, play with him as much as possible or provide him with toys that he prefers…to pass the time.

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