how do cats see humans or detect their owners?

picture of a cat looking towards its owners who are standing, which raises the question of how cats see humans or detect their owners

cats sees humans and detect their owners . they recognize their owners,thanks to highly olfactory sense that they have developed. This allows him to differentiate a multitude of smells and even to remember them.

how do our cats see and detect us ?

Our cats can see and detect us . they do not only possess intelligence, but also mysteries that allow them not only to express their feelings, and emotions in every situation that presents itself to them, but also to see us, feel us and detect us in a powerful and surprising way…

Cats recognize and detecte their owners by Voice recognition

your cat can see you and detecte your voice. so if you speak in unison with others, your cat will still recognize your voice. It’s also proven that a cat’s ears can pick up sound from a great distance because of their shape. So, if he doesn’t come closer when you call him, it’s probably because he’s deaf because he remembers the tone of your voice and he knows if you’re calling to scold him, play with him or feed him, which is sometimes fun.

do cats really rely on their eyes to see humans and detect their owners?

the behavior of cats is full of surprising mysteries. so If you’ve ever wondered “Does my cat know who I am?,you can be reassured: your cat may even know you better than you know yourself, “According to a 2005 study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Texas, cats remember basic facial features, which means they don’t really rely on their eyes.

Indeed, feline eyesight cannot discern the details of visual characters. They simply see movements, colors and shapes; and To refine the bond you have with your cat and to make her more responsive to your calls, make it a habit to praise her every time she comes over. Also keep in mind that cats are fickle animals. Finally, you should know that it only takes a week for a cat to get used to a new owner or a new home. After that, they will know you forever.

smell is the mystery that your cat possesses and that allowes him to detect you

Cats recognize their owners by the smell of their hormones, which can lead them to lick them….. This is not only a way for them to take ownership of their scent, but also to share their scent with them, which is also a way to mark their territory.

Indeed, the cat is a very territorial animal and a real control freak. Nothing and no one should enter his territory without his knowledge.This marking can be done by scratching, rubbing against furniture, walls and other objects in the house …and when they smell a new scent within their territory, for example that of another cat, and they feel the need to mark their territory again.

Your cat will feel confident as soon as it smells your scent. This ability never deceives him, even if he can’t see you. With his sense of smell, he can also tell you apart from other people. He applies the same approach to recognize his territory and the places where he feels safe…

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