how to choose your cat? 03important things to know

picture of photo of a cat lying on its tree; bright eyes, it looks intelligent: important thing to choose your cat

03important things to know when choosing your cat felin. but it depends on what you expect from your cat home: you want a cat of character, emotional and joyful. or you prefer a quiet cat soft ...

03important things to know before choosing your felin

01- to choose your cat: beware not all feline are clean!

before chosing your cat feline, you must keep in mind important thing: cats are not the same, when it comes to cleanliness is a false idea, because our home cats differ in this respect. While there are pets that insist on cleaning their fur every time, carefully, there are others that do not care, and subsequently they are dirty, despite the fact that both live in the same conditions.a point that deserves your attention.

02- thing that is important to know: don’t make fun of your cat’s intelligence!

The intelligence of our feline cat is an important thing ,when choosing our animal home for many reasons: the more intelligent the cat is, the more it can develop a relationship full of communication and joyful reactions with us…Having an intelligent, house cat is a wonderful thing, that creates a joyful and seductive atmosphere ,that brings happiness and well-being thanks to the positive energy that this feline possesses and that can change our lives for the better… constantly full of love...

03-a seductive point to choose your cat without failure

A things important about pet to choose your feline : is the movement, the kinetic cats are in motion since they are kittens and do not stop playing like little babies.The fact of having a good choice of our animal home, remains an essential thing ,that depends on our lifestyle, that is to say, when the adopter is someone who is old, to have a kinetic cat is for him a secondary thing ,compared to someone who is still young or has small children…

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