how to creat harmony between cats and dogs?

picture of a dog and a cat under the same roof .the dog asks the friendship of the cat by approaching him :how to creat harmony between cats and dogs?

Knowing how to creat harmony between cats and dogs, is very important to get a good relationship between the both. which refutes the idea that the cat and the dog are two species that may not live together

steps to creat harmony between cats and dogs :

to creat harmony between our felines and dogs, is importante to to give them a long and happy life. so the acquisition and possession of the tow annimals. are subject to a number of rules , The age of the meeting is important: the more the two animals have a can almost , the same age more the relationship will be easy to develop, and it is better to adopt them in a young age.

pay attention to some daily details

Spend more time controlling the newcomer, to prevent any incidents, especially in the first few days of meeting.

Serve the cat’s dinner before the dog’s or put the cat’s food away from the dog.

Don’t let your dog interfere in your relationship with your cat.

Do not let your dog bark or growl at the cat.

The body language

Having a cats-and-dogs in the same house requires some knowledge about the language of both to be able to train them and make them friends.

The presentation of the two animals

Knowing how to introduce a cat and a dog is essential for them to accept each other. The ideal is to keep the dog and the cat isolated for the first few days, and that each one has its own space, and its own things isolated from the other, without forgetting to make them touch each other from time to time , and if they smell the odor without bad reaction, we can say that it starts to work.

why cats and dogs?

the behavior of the two annimals, characterized by different signs of aggression, fear, dominance, friendship or territoriality, may be misinterpreted by the other species; if they are properly socialized, the relationship will be harmonious, because dogs raised with cats may prefer the presence of cats to other dogs.

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