how to give your cat a bath? easy way

picture of a cat being bathed but what is the easiest way to bathe your cat?

This can be quite a challenge,to give your cat a bath, particularly if your cat was not bathed as a kitten. because most cats dislike water, so expect to meet some resistance.

how to give your cat a bath in easy way ?

giving your cat a bath becomes easy , if have someone hold and soothe the cat while you give the bath. or You can also take the cat to a professional groomer giving your cat a bath in a easy way even if the feline is the kind that is nervous or stressed is possible . But how to do it ?

give your cat a nice easy bath without scratching

To give your cat a nice easy bath without scratching, it is recommended to start by combing the coat to remove all knots and mats. because Matted hair tends to “set” when wet and is more difficult to brush. Thus, the cat’s ears should be plugged with cotton balls to prevent water from entering. so what next?

Place a bath mat on the bottom of the sink so the cat can have a nonslippery surface to grip. (You can also use a bathtub, but then you must bend over or get on your knees.) Fill the sink with warm water to a depth of 4 inches (10 cm). Holding the cat gently but firmly by the back of the neck, lower her into the sink with her back toward you (so you won’t get clawed).

then lather the coat with shampoo, keeping it out of the cat’s eyes and ears. Rinse well with lukewarm tap water or with a spray bottle; never spray water on the cat’s face. Be sure to remove all traces of shampoo, as any soap left behind dulls the coat and irritates the skin. and the cat should be kept indoors in a warm room until she is completely dry to avoid chilling.

things to avoid when giving your cat a bath

Commercial pet shampoos now indicate on the label whether they are for dogs or cats. Always use a shampoo that is made for cats. Many dog shampoos contain ingredients that may be toxic to cats.

Don’t use a hair dryer designed for humans unless it has a cool air or fan function, you can try to “dry clean” the coat between baths. A number of products have been successfully used as dry shampoos. Make sure these are labeled as “safe for cats.” Calcium carbonate, talc or baby powder, fuller’s earth, and cornstarch are all effective. They can be used frequently without the risk of stripping essential oils or damaging the coat or skin. Work the powder into the coat and leave it on for 20 minutes to absorb the oils. Then, brush or blow the powder thoroughly. Don’t let your cat groom it.

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