how to understand pet animal behavior felins ?

picture of Sitting tabby cat but his eyes say something. how to understand this pet behaviour animal?

how to understand pet animal behavior felins and dycrypt their body language?: what do your cats mean?

understanding pet animal behavior and decrypting language of our felins

the meowing cat behavior you must inderstanding

picture of meowing cat behavior
the poor cat asks for something while meowing

You’ve probably noticed that your feline cat doesn’t always meow the same way. behaviour that you must inderstanding . Each type of meowing has its own meaning.your cat detects you with its mysterious senses , and toTo express its joy at seeing you come home, your cat will emit dry, brief meows instead. If he wants to get your attention and ask you for something, (petting or food for example), he will preferably produce long, repeated and fairly high-pitched vocalizations. But to ask for affection he may also produce a kind of cooin.

What deserves The humming of our felins ?

picture of cat that roll over on the bed showing well being by humming behavior
the cat rolls over on the bed showing well being

The purr is part of the mysters that our felines have, What deserves to understand pet animal behavior .This vibrant sound allows the cat to express its satisfaction. A few caresses, the warmth of the knees and there you have your little fur ball that starts to emit gentle vibrations of contentment. But beware, your cat may also purr in a situation that causes him pain. For example, sometimes a female cat who is giving birth emits this type of sound. Purring would be a way for our little companions to calm down and call out to them a feeling of well-being.without forgetting what they also bring us. a strong reason to adopt them

understanding Flare growl and hissing of felins

picture of cat hessing
the cat hessing

If your cat grunts, whistles or flames, be careful, it could have an aggressive reaction. Cats vocalize when they are in conflict with other cats, when they are scared or in pain. If your pet produces a throaty, hoarse sound, leave it alone. If you can’t identify the source of this reaction and the behaviour persists, talk to your veterinarian.

The indispensable body language in cat, behavior felins with a great sense

picture of  Cat that Is Rolling Around on Its Back the behaviour that has great meaning
the cat shows himself cuddly by rubbing and raising his tail

To signify a state of well-being, your cat may, for example, blink calmly or rub himself friendly against your calves. Conversely, to show his anger or fear, he may stiffen up, spike up and make his back round or make himself very small and hide his tail under his body

A cat’s ears and tail allow it to show different emotions. Straight or forward pointing ears are a good omen: your cat is attentive, curious or simply calm. However, be concerned if your little feline is tilting his ears backwards: he’s probably frightened or angry. These signals will often be complemented by tail movements. A straight or gently moving tail usually indicates that all is well. A tail that’s down, straight, or that moves uncontrolled is, conversely, a sign of irritation or fear.

why the cat rubs itself on everything around it?

picture of cat that rubs against the corner of the wall to mark its territory. why does my feline pet have this behavior?
the cat rubing against the corner of the wall to mark its territory

Have you noticed that your cat has a tendency to rub against everything in her litter? Your legs and those of your guests, your furniture, the trees in your garden, nothing escapes him. In fact, your little feline expresses itself a lot through smells. They are used to communicate with other cats. These repeated contacts allow him to mark his territory by putting his scent on things that are familiar to him. Be attentive to his way of doing things and you will be able to understand the extent of his small territor

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