pets that live longest:everything you need to know.

picture of a tabby cat and a dog both sit on a table in harmony.pets that live longest

pets that live longest:everything you need to know.if you are thinking about adopting a pet in order to enjoy its benefits as much as possible and have a long period of joy and happiness with it.

cats live longer than dogs : everything you need to know

picture of a red beautiful cat. cats live longest than dogs
Cats live longer than dogs.

what pets that live longest?. people who love pets think without a doubt about pets that live longest . If you plan to adopt an animal and you want to have it as long as possible, opt for a cat ,because cats live longest, on average from 15 to 20 years, some cats can even reach 22 years of age, especially if they are well taken care of by their masters, in terms of nutrition equipment and psychic…(complete cat care) . while Dogs have less chance to live such a long time, because they are more likely to contract serious diseases

Which pet dog breed lives the longest?

Small dogs live longer than large dogs

pet dog breed lives the longest are small dogs .in general It is difficult to predict the life expectancy of each breed of dog, but there are two main rules to know which one lives longer:
1/The main criterion is the weight, . Small dogs live longer, while large dogs live shorter. Almost 40% of small dog breeds live longer than 10 years, but only 13% of giant dog breeds live that long. Thus, an English bulldog is not a small dog…
2/ Crossbred dogs often have the advantages without the disadvantages ,so they live longer than purebreds.
Some researchers also believe that females live longer than males.

how to help my dog to live longer?

to help my dog to live longer is one very important thing to be aware of .Most veterinarians are agree that a dog’s mental well-being, is as important as its physical health in assessing quality of life. It is difficult to measure mental well-being objectively. Indirect information is needed, of course, because we cannot simply ask the dog how he is doing or how he feels on a daily basis.(Th e Science Behind a Happy Dog Emma K. Grigg,)

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