secrets behind cats behavior liking boxes

picture of a cat hiden in the box.why do your cats like boxes? here is the secret behind this behavior

does your cat like boxes? here are the secrets behind this behavior in our felines which has a great sense…

what are secrets behind cats behavior liking boxes?

liking boxes is a well-known fact among our cats. ignoring the secret behind this them no toy in the world, no matter how expensive or fancy, compares to a simple cardboard box. This is a phenomenon that baffles most cat owners, especially when they have just purchased a new bed or a cool toy, and their cat seems to prefer the package it came in.

one of the main secrets why our cats love boxes

the secret behind cats behavior liking boxes , is that Cats derive comfort and safety from enclosed spaces, which is why they like to spend time in cardboard boxes. Cats use boxes as hiding places, where predators can not sneak up on them from the side or behind.cats like boxes, because they help to reduce stress, and offer a safe zone, where your cat can observe and not be seen.

cats like boxes to discover all that is strange

Cats have a behavior that is marked by curiosity, so it’s no surprise that whenever you buy something new, they rush to investigate. Not only does the new item smell different, but your cat is also curious to see what the new item is used for in their home.

cats like boxes to de-stress and adapt to the environment

Research found that cats with the boxes actually recovered faster and adapted more quickly to their surroundings. This shows that the boxes are incredibly beneficial for cats to help them cope with change

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