Sphynx a strange breed of cats without hair

picture of a white Sphynx cat, the strange breed of cats without hair

Sphynx is strange breed of cats without hair, it has its fans and its detractors. While some are fascinated by his elegance and uniqueness, others find it difficult to appreciate his nakedness and unusual appearance. Behind this unusual appearance lies a social and affectionate cat that brings joy to its owners.

what strange breed of cats without hair is the sphynx!

Sphynx a strange breed of cats without hair: origins and characteristics

The Sphynx is a modern breed of cats, that originated from alley cats, that gave birth to hairless kittens, the Sphynx is not completely naked as one might think, which gives it a peach skin impression to the touch, no real colour, only the beginnings of the Sphynx actually has a very fine down, With a powerful but fine musculature, it has a rounded belly, a fine tail resembling that of a rat and fine legs as well, but what seduces with this animal are its immense expressive eyes, they are completely open, alert. Their colour varies according to the colour of the coat.

cats without hair: Health and nutrition

The Sphynx has a rather strong health, but due to the absence of hair, it is very sensitive to skin diseases and sunburn. Its skin has no melanin so it is important not to expose it to the sun, the application of a strong sun cream is preferable, a regular washing to remove its excess of Sebum, its ears must be inspected regularly to avoid any infection. Because of its nakedness, the Sphynx must eat more than other cats. This is because he has a higher body temperature which burns his calories faster. It can be fed as much as it wants.Therefore,this breed requires as much care as a normal cat, if not more, to properly maintain its skin and coat so if you don’t have time, don’t opt for a sphynx.

what a strong and affectionate breed are cats without hair!

The Sphynx is affectionate, curious and very close to its master. Like a dog, he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed , and will never be stingy with caresses! He is used to follow his “humans” everywhere in the house, it is not rare to find him with his nose in a shopping bag, or to inspect with curiosity a new object… The Sphynx is playful, and at the same time very peaceful; it is also appreciated for its adaptability: unlike most cats, it is not disturbed by moving house, going on holiday…
What distinguishes the sphynx from other cats, in terms of character is that it has a strong personality, which means that it is necessary to respect its tranquillity, and not to try to force it to play, or to caress it in its moments of relaxation…

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