the best toys for your cat to make it happy

picture of two cats playing while walking on a chain hanging on the wall, but how to choose the best toys for your cat to make him happy

There are a lot of cat toys that are on the supermarket shelves, but how to choose the best ones that will make your cat happy

how to choose the best toys for you cat to make it happy?

Choosing the best toys for your cat to make him happy should first be based on some information about general cat behavior and common traits that set them apart from other pets, then your cat’s specific character, because cats don’t not all have the same character.

the best toys that all cats like and enjoy with

Cats are predators so toys that look like a mouse, snake, insect would be the most preferable and encourage them to react and be more interactive and motivated, which in turn makes them healthy. it’s what our cat needs because it’s nature

on the other hand, cats are prey, and that’s why they prefer high places, to feel safe, which explains why trees are a very important tool to have in our home.

what toys will my cat like to play with?

each cat has its specific character and its tot of intelligence sometimes it happens that our cat prefers toys more than others and sometimes a very small thing that’s all for example my cat bissa likes to play with candy and that’s her who was looking for them and who likes to play with them in all pleasure. so each cat has the choice of what he prefers as a toy

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