the most poisonous plants for cats

picture of a little cat that is eating grass, but there are plants that are poisonous plants for cats

Poisonous plants are always a threat to our cats and should not be ignored. So having an overall idea of these plants is an essential thing, especially if we have a garden at home and our cat frequents the plants.

poisonous plants for cats

there are many poisonous plants around the world that are dangerous if cats frequent them , only certain parts of the plant are toxic. With others, the entire plant is toxic:Indoor and outdoor plants . Although the effects of both and their mode of contamination differ, as well as the symptoms that follow, prevention remains essential to ensure the health of our dear cat.

Indoor Plants with Toxic Effects

Houseplants that cause a skin reaction after contact with the skin or mouth. Irritating plants, some of which contain oxalic acid, which causes mouth swelling, difficulty swallowing, respiratory problems, and gastrointestinal upsets. Plants that contain a wide variety of poisons—most cause vomiting, an acutely painful abdomen, and cramps; some cause tremors, heart and respiratory problems, and/or kidney problems, which are difficult for owners to interpret

Outdoor Plants with Toxic Effects

Outdoor plants that can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Trees and shrubs that may cause vomiting, painful abdomen, and diarrhea.Outdoor plants with varied toxic effects

Angel’s trumpet-American yew -Apricot – Buttercup-Day lily – Dologeton -Dutchman’s breeches -Jasmine – Jimsonweed – Lupine …

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