The Power Of Pets For Better Mental Health to make you happy

picture of a woman who carries her little dog in her hands and appears happy.this is The Power Of Pets For Better Mental Health

The power of pets has benefits for better mental health, that make you happy. Most pet owners are aware of the immediate joys of sharing their lives with pets.

How does the power of pets benefit our mental health?

picture of a woman with her dog, both are hugging. the power of pets for our mental health
a woman giving a kiss to her dog . The Power Of Pets For Better Mental Health

the power of pets has many importante benefits for our mental health ,that make us happy. The first research on pets and, mental health was published 30 years ago.

thanks to psychologist Alan Beck of Purdue University, and psychiatrist Aaron Katcher of the University of Pennsylvania ,who conducted the study, and measured what happens in the body, when a person pets a friendly dog or cat. They found physical evidence of the mental health benefits of pets, such as blood pressure drops , breathing becomes more regular , muscle tension relaxes.which leads to good mental health

When you talk to your pets, do you feel it listening and even understanding?

Like humans, animals are spiritual beings. Their many qualities include unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, patience, courage and gratitude… virtues that are often lacking in our high-tech world.This raises many questions about their mental life and its mycanism

the power of pets to save your life, physically, emotionally,and spiritually

picture of women giving kiss to her horses . that is the power of pets to save your life, physically, emotionally,and spiritually
she is happy to give a kiss to her horses

We all know a pet that can anticipate when its owners will return home. But what many people don’t know is that some dogs have the ability to spot cancerous tumors; horses have been known to drag their injured mounts to the barn; the American Epilepsy Institute says dogs can tell when someone is about to have a seizure; and all types of animals are now used in alternative therapies.

Do our pets have powers of perception that allow them to see the future?

Emma Heathcote-James investigates ,and celebrates the inspirational stories of amazing animals, to uncover the mysteries behind the psychic abilities pets possess ,that give them powers of perception, and even allow them to see the future. It is time to look at what we humans miss… and to give our animals the respect they deserve.

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