What can I do about my bleeding cat? Cat Care Details

picture of a bleeding cat at the vet. What can I do about my bleeding cat?

my cat is bleeding because of an injury is a bad thing, which can happen to us and stresses us, especially if we don’t know how to react to these situations…

controlling bleeding of my cat

The two methods used to control bleeding in an emergency situation are a pressure dressing, and a tourniquet.
Never wipe a wound that has stopped bleeding, as this will dislodge the clot. Also, never pour hydrogen peroxide on a fresh wound. The peroxide dissolves clots and starts a new bleeding cycle. It can also damage tissue and delay healing.
When the cat is cooperative, the procedure should be performed in a quiet environment with minimal physical stress.

Pressure Dressing

The pressure dressing is the most effective and safest method of controlling bleeding of our cats . It involves applying direct pressure to the wound…taking several squares of sterile gauze or other clean cloth such as a folded towel in an emergency and placing it over the wound. The application of direct pressure takes 5 to 10 minutes. The dressing remains in place with a tight bandage.


Tourniquets are the second method of stopping, and controlling arterial bleeding, that cannot be controlled with a pressure pack, and can be used on the extremities and tail. Tourniquets should never be used if the bleeding can be controlled with direct pressure…

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