what cats must eating or not eating? best answer

picture of a cat eating. but what must cats eat or not eat?

It is very important to have an idea about cat felin ,what they must eating or not eating. there is some breeds of cats that have specific needs, and can adapt to a home diet more than others while others are more carnivorous, check with the breeder or your veterinarian. and be careful what your cat eats

what cats must eating or not eating in different periods of their life?

what cats must eating or not eating is very important question, that cat lovers ask themselves, because the nutritional needs of cats change according to the different periods of their life..

The same is true for an indoor cat versus an outdoor cat, and also if the cat is sterilized or not.our feline cat eats what must follow its evolution and accompany its youth as well as its old age… to understand its cat well and to supervise its state to see if there is not something abnormal if one brings him a new type of food remains necessary to avoid any problem or bad incident especially when the cat is in its first weeks.

1- kettens bebies eating at one month old

The kitten feeds on its mother’s milk during the first month of its life, its mother begins to push it away beyond this age, because the kitten develops its first fangs.

It is advisable to have an idea about what cats eat in this age and offer our ball of hair a special food: kibble or pate. Wet food is more appreciated by the kitten, as it is easier to chew, and kibbles can be dipped in water to be more easily consumed. And always keep an eye on your little furry friend to make sure the food is right for her.

2-kittens From 2 to 12 months must eat a special food

After the weaning period, prefer a special food with a high energy content to accompany its growth in an optimal way, rich in protein and in calcium and phosphorus to consolidate its bones, and finally rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) for a healthy coat, refer to the indications of the package to know the daily dose to be given according to its age, but also according to its weight

cat food for adults

After the age of one year, the cat is considered an adult.
The change of his food must be progressive, over a week of time to avoid the problems of diarrheas. adult cat must eat more : – proteins, for a silky coat and a beautiful skin- Amino acids, especially taurine, which is essential for the proper digestion of fatty foods and for your pet’s good eyesight;- fats, for good health, but in moderate doses, to avoid obesity

4-The sterilized adult cat need to eat a nutritional diet

A kitten spayed or neutered at the age of 6-7 months is considered to be an adult cat, which means that there is no great deference in terms of food, but for a spayed or neutered cat it is not necessary to give too much fat, and it is preferable to avoid them altogether, because a spayed or neutered cat will put on more weight than a non-sterilized cat

5-Mature or senior cat

With age, the cat becomes more sensitive of the jaws and will prefer a food easy to chew: the food for mature cat has a softer texture.having difficulties to digest, the old cat will take its meals more often, by smaller quantities, the heart becomes fragile (give less salt), the activity decreases (less fat)

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