Why Black Cats Often the Last to Be Adopted?

picture of a black cat with a beautiful eyes sitting quietly .Black cats are often adopted last

Why Black Cats Often the Last to Be Adopted?According to numerous studies conducted over the past several decades, it is possible that your cat’s behavior is related to the color of its coat. Even though there are many other criteria that strongly define the character of your feline (education, breed or environment), the colors would also play a role.

Why Black Cats Often the Last to Be Adopted?

Black Cats are Often the Last to Be Adopted : good luck -bad luck

Black Cats are Often the Last to Be Adopted .Even today, seeing a black cat is considered by some as a bad omen. This belief is based on a long history of superstition that goes back to ancient times and particularly to the Middle Ages, the time of the “witch hunt”. The black cat is seen in many cultures as an omen of death, which is certainly false.

are our felines similar in their characters and behavior?

According to many studies, that have proven that our felines are similar in their characters and behavior. This means that if the cats differ a little in their behavior, does not mean that there is a cat nasty and a cat cute. because it is the education and the environment that mark his character. It’s a domistic animal easy to be trained…so cats are all cute if we manage to love them and discover their different emotions and feelings but above all the love they possess.

Black Cats are Often the Last to Be Adopted because of a genetic phenomenon

Albino cats can be of any breed, including breeds that usually do not have white fur, it is a genetic phenomenon that affects the levels of melanin in the skin, fur and eyes it appears when both parents carry a recessive gene
Albino cats have a certain tendency to suffer from deafness, blindness and they are sensitive to prolonged and intense sun exposure.

the benefits of white cats on human beings

The white cat is linked to purity, tranquility and relaxation. Thanks to its immaculate coat with its light color which is a sign of peace. , it is linked to the spiritual world. In addition, in some parts of the world, white cats are considered to bring good fortune in business.

Black Cats shouldn’t be the Last to Be Adopted!

In spite of all this, it is important to emphasize the fact that you should not adopt a cat for the beliefs that surround the color of its coat, you should adopt a cat out of love and willingness to take care of it and offer it the best quality of life possible. You should always pay more attention to its character and needs than to the color of its coat.

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