why cat vaccination has great benefits? – tips to follow

picture of a cat at the vet .because cat vaccination has great benefits

why vaccinate my cat has great benefits?

Vaccinating my cat has great benefits in terms of protection. because it helps to induce active immunity. The cat is exposed to heat-killed pathogens, live or attenuated pathogens (antigens that have been treated to make them less infectious) , that have been rendered incapable of causing disease, or toxins and pathogens.

As with natural exposure, vaccination stimulates the production of antibodies specific to the particular pathogen contained in the vaccine. However, unlike natural exposure, the duration of protection may be limited. Therefore, to maintain high levels of protection, booster vaccines are recommended. The frequency of boosters depends on the antigen used.

An animal that is immune to a specific pathogen has natural substances in its system called antibodies , that attack and destroy that pathogen before it can cause disease.

Tips for vaccinating my cat

There are some important tips to keep in mind before vaccinating our cats:

Administering too many vaccines at the same time or too frequently can result in immune system overload and an inability to produce antibodies.

If a cat is already infected, vaccinating the cat will not change the course of the disease. Extending the vaccine by splitting a single dose between two cats is another reason a vaccine may not be effective. Because each cat is an individual, proper handling and administration of the vaccine is important.

. Exhausted, malnourished, or weakened cats may not be able to respond to disease by developing antibodies or building immunity. These cats should not be vaccinated at this time, but should be vaccinated when they are healthier.

types of vaccines currently available for cats

There are several types of vaccines currently available for cats. These vaccines tend to generate a rapid and complete immune response :

Modified live virus (MLV) vaccines, inactivated or killed viruses, and the newer recombinant technologies – live vector, subunit, and DNA vaccines. Modified live virus vaccines are vaccines that contain a live virus that replicates in the cat, but has been modified so that it does not cause disease. Modified live vaccines are more effective and produce longer lasting immunity than killed vaccines.

Killed virus vaccines are vaccines containing dead viruses, that will not replicate in the cat, and therefore are unable to cause disease. Instead, they rely on surface antigens, along with immune stimulants called adjuvants, to stimulate an immune response.

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