why Cats purr when they feel love and petting?

picture of a cat that sleeping on the knees of an afrecaine woman:Cats purr when they feel love and petting

if you want to know why Cats purr when they feel love and petting?a study has looked into this issue and finally sets the record straight.

Cats purr when they feel love and petting as a sign of satisfaction

picture of a cat that sleeping on the knees of an afrecaine woman:Cats purr when they feel love and petting

why cats purr ? According to a study conducted by (Current Biology), as the smile is a testimony of satisfaction and well-being in the human being that it is for the people who see us smile or for ourselves.cats purring is quite similar.it is a sign of satisfaction. It is almost the only animal capable of calming itself. Cats purr during childbirth to calm the pain and to show their nervous mates that they can be quiet, they also use purring as a means of communication and in this way demand more caresses, attention or food from their masters.

05 most behaviors to tell you that they love you:

1-He rubs his head against you

It is one of the most common signs that your cat will rub its head against your legs or other body parts when you come home or spend time together, as a sign of affection, but it is also a way of depositing its pheromones on your body, which shows that it feels safe in your presence and trusts you. You are therefore part of his family

2-cats Purr when you show them affection

If your cat purrs when you pet it, you should feel honoured, because purring allows your cat to say how happy and satisfied it is with you, your presence makes it happy and how much it likes to receive love and shows it by this characteristic noise, which at the same time has a very advantageous effect on your psychological health, so it is a feeling shared between the two of you that you should not miss.

3-Cats can sometimes massage you

When cats are kittens, they instinctively massage their mother’s belly to stimulate milk production so they can feed properly. Adult cats may sometimes do this on your belly, your legs or another part of your body. This gesture serves to show that they feel comfortable in your presence and shows how protected they feel as when they were smaller.

4-He shows you his belly

Cats don’t usually allow themselves to be stroked on the belly and don’t expose it in this way. But if your pet does and also allows you to pet it, then you are probably looking at one of the signs that your cat loves you to bits, because it indicates that your pet trusts you completely and knows that you will not harm it. And in the cat world, trust is the greatest honour, so congratulations!

5-A little lick to tell you how much he loves you

When your cat licks your face, hair or any other area within reach you should feel honoured. When cats are in packs, they lick each other to make each other look good, so it’s another form of affection and respect. So if your pet is licking you, you must feel very special because he considers you to be part of his pack and this is an honour that not everyone can boast about.

cats purr: great meaning that impact our life

therapeutic powers of cats purr on humans 

  • 01-our blood pressure decreases when we interact with cats purr, because the vibrations of purring facilitate the repair of bones after a fracture, as well as muscle, tendon and ligament disorders.
    02-The soothing purr releases happy hormones into our bodies, which soothes and relaxes us, as well as our four-legged friends.
  • 03A purring ​cat on our lap or bed is not only a source of happiness, but it also lowers blood pressure, reduces stress symptoms and corrects sleep disorders

other mysters behind cats purr

Since it has developed its behavior, thanks to its closeness to humans for thousands of years, purring has become a technique for the cat, to get what it needs, it is also a way of communicating with other cats, a sign of submission, intended to appease the potential opponent. and indicate that it is harmless and does not seek a fight.

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