witch is the most intelligent cat or dog? : funny surprise!

picture of a cat and a dog sitting in harmony. which raises the question of which animal is the most intelligent of them

witch is the most intelligent cat or dog? : funny surprise! Science has proven that many factors determine the level of intelligence of our felines, the two main ones being brain size and owner

witch is the most intelligent cat or dog? : funny surprise!

to determine witch is the most intelligent cat or dog.researchers were interested in the concentration of neurons present in the brain, and more particularly in the cortex to define the level of intelligence in felines. they started from the principle that a greater quantity of neurons rhymes with more cognitive capacities, as indicated by the site ScienceAlert. which means that “the number of neurons that an animal possesses determines the richness of its mental state and its capacity to anticipate what can occur around it according to its past experiences”.

cat/dog intelligence : role of the master is very important

the role of the master remains very important, for the development of intelligence in pets. Your dog or cat is probably not as intelligent as you think. Interaction with the owner is a big part of the equation. It’s a matter of individuality and experience , whatever the cognitive abilities in cats or dogs and the number of neurons they possess to determine which of the dog or cat is the most intelligent in practice..so How is this done?

to develop the intelligence of our pets ,it is necessary first to have some knowledge about their behavior ,and then to provoke them to react in a way that allows them to understand what to do ,and what to avoid ,and how to do it, it requires a little effort and time; but in the end our pet is ready to share life with us in harmony

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